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We provide same day plates, registration renewals, and trip-permits. Title transfers and replacement titles can be processed by us in person, and they are subsequently mailed out to your address  directly from the MVA.

What do you need to bring?

First time vehicle registration and plates

We can help you if you you just purchased or were gifted a vehicle you intend to register in the state of Maryland, and need 1-year or 2-year registration. 


We will transfer the title in your name, and issue you registration and new plates of your choice for 1 or 2 years. You will need to provide us with the title, driver's license, and proof of insurance. Additional documents may be needed, and you can always call or text us at 240-936-8013 to confirm.


The Maryland state safety inspection will need to be completed as well. If no safety inspection has been completed, we will be able to issue you 30-day plates until the inspection is completed.

Registration Renewal Only

If the vehicle has already been titled in Maryland and you only need to renew your registration - we simply need the vehicle VIN number or the expired/previous registration.

Maryland Soundex Number

If you do not have a current Maryland ID or Driver's License we can assist by requesting a Maryland soundex number on your behalf.

Duplicate Title

We can order you a duplicate title as long as your provide us with either the title number or VIN. We will also need your ID.

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